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Mario Iaione biography



About the Author

  • Mario Iaione was born in Naples in 1977.
  • Always passionate about sculpture, he started his career working intensely in the Neapolitan area
  • In the wake of the strong feeling that binds him to the Neapolitan history, for several years the artist has oriented his creativity towards the impervious boundaries of tradition: initially, his production was characterized by an investigation around the typical revisited masks, but, in a very creative and original way.
  • Having reached a more conscious artistic maturity, the representation of faces has begun to leave for much more daring plastic compositions, which retain, however, properly anthropomorphic traits.
  • Iaione has exhibited in major Italian cities and Europe.
  • Some of his works can be admired at the National Museum of Pulcinella di Acerra, near Naples (Southern-Italy)
  • Many others are kept in numerous private collections of famous personalities as well as known amateurs of the genre.
  • On the production of the Neapolitan sculptor have written various experts and critics, dedicating to his work reviews and articles appeared on important national and international newspapers.