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Gianluca Resi biography



Description of the Author

  • Gianluca Resi was born in Naples in 1966 from a family of coffee entrepreneurs
  • He takes part in the activities of the family business for about twenty years, during which he has the opportunity to develop his creative talents
  • In 2007 he decided to abandon the company by under a strong creative impulse coming from his maternal grandfather, Mario Penelope, artist and art critic, director from 1972 of the International Biennale of Art of Venice.
  • Thus began a long period of artistic production addressed to pop-art, a model of emulation of the consumer society.
  • The style of Gianluca Resi reflected in the national scene, his series of Marilyn Monroe accompany pop-art artists such as Andy Warhol and Mimmo Rotella.
  • Than Gianluca Resi decided to restart from the origins and to use the coffee bags of the family company, a traditional material fabric, like canvases, on which to pour his creativity.
  • These new works become the inspiration of an "Apocalypse Opera" show, written and directed by Resi and the artist Diego Santanelli, with an innovative format in which the canvases come to life through the free arts: music, dance, acting and video-installations.
  • But the artist, in his continuous research of interiority, through the path of the scars, finds himself to analyze again the world of pop-art to deepen the other part of a fictitious reality imbued with superficiality and exteriority.
  • The sack of coffee now becomes its canvas, the different weaves of the sacks intersect each other producing the material effect on which the artist portrays his characters.
  • In the Resi’s idea everyone wants to feel famous, appreciated by the social world, there is no longer a star to be imitated but the star it's in each of us. 
  • For more info about the artist visit Gianluca Resi website