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Latest News On Madonna: December 2018

Madonna's relationship with Lady Gaga has always been rather conflicting. In particular, the Queen of Pop has repeatedly complained, in a more or less explicit, to be in the presence of a script, the same accusation that the Ciccone seems to advance against his colleague.

LOUISE VERONICA CICCONE MADONNA POP STAR QUEEN OF POP It is no longer, however, as in the case of "Born This Way", of music, but of an expression used by the voice of "Million Reasons" in the promotional meetings to support the film directed by Bradley Cooper and interpreted by him together with Lady Gaga "A Star is Born": "There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you, but all it takes is one and it just changes your whole life".

Actually, the now proverbial feud between Lady Gaga and Madonna comes back to discuss: the singer of Material Girl accuses Lady Gaga of copying it in all respects, even in the answers given to the interviews. Madonna and Lady Gaga are both icons of the world of music and pop culture. Lady Ciccone and Lady Gaga have contributed to revolutionizing the figure of the pop star, imposing themselves as models to which the public is inspired in style, attitude and intention.

Latest News On Madonna: December 2018

They are both strong women who, however, have made fans aware of weaknesses and imperfections. They knew how to transgress - with their looks and their provocations - but also reveal their nature of women as many, looking for their children's affection - Madonna has 6 and dots for them - and in a stable relationship - Lady Gaga stands for marrying Christian Carino - serenity and balance, naturally balancing private sphere and career.







Apparently so similar to each other, so much so that the public has always seen Madonna's heir in Gaga, the two inevitably entered into the competition. Between the two queens of pop has been underway for years now a real feud, that the most avid fans do not lose the opportunity to feed. Lady Gaga, however, has always distanced himself from certain provocations: "I respect Madonna, in fact, I admire her. I do not care what she thinks of me. The only thing that makes me angry is that I'm Italian and I'm from New York, and if I have a problem with someone, in particular, I have no problem telling him to face it". 

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