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5 ways to display art on walls



  1. Choose paintings of different orientations
  2. Plan the composition
  3. To have more paintings
  4. Evaluate the colors
  5. Paintings and more


Would you like to create a gallery of paintings in a house wall? Here are 5 creative ways to avoid mistakes. Before hanging your paintings it is advisable to have an idea of the composition that you intend to realize.

For example, if the idea is to occupy an entire wall, a single portion or underline a certain piece of furniture by focusing on the desired corner of the house.


The arrangement of the paintings on the walls also changes according to the destination environment, so different layouts will be adopted for the staircase, corridor, bedroom, kitchen, and so on.

The paintings are an important piece of furniture, useful not only for decorating the walls of our homes but also for communicate or masking any imperfections, such as a long corridor, too high ceilings and so on. If you want to create an art gallery of paintings in a wall of your home to make it more personal, here are 5 rules to follow in order not to make mistakes.


1. Choose paintings of different orientations

Use at least two larger paintings. For example, you can position them in the middle or towards the corner you want to approach, by hanging smaller images in perspective.

The arrangement of the paintings can develop vertically or horizontally.

Usually the horizontal alignment is adopted where the underlying wall is occupied by furniture or sofas, on the contrary the vertical alignment is usually adopted to frame an entire wall, in specular or asymmetric formation.

The composition of the paintings is essential to form an imaginary geometric form that catches the attention of the human eye.

In any case, to make things less complicated, you can follow the c.d. rule. median line, an imaginary horizontal line drawn to 5/8 of the wall (for example if the wall is 2.80 m high, the median will be 1.75 m).

Here, the paintings should be placed within 3/8 of their height (above) and 5/8 of their height (below the line).


2. Plan the composition

Before hanging the paintings, you must think ahead of the composition. Depending on the number of paintings, it is possible to recreate it on the table or on the ground, placing first the larger ones and then the smaller ones. Move and reverse the position of the panels until they are harmoniously arranged.

If you have several pictures to hang it is good to choose a layout that follows a very precise geometric shape, from the square to the rectangular one. So many variants available to draw on to give life to the composition of paintings and frames ideal for your environment.


3. To have more paintings

When you want to fill a wall of paintings, it is certainly important to have a good number of works available. In this way you will have the certainty of being able to freely draw the composition avoiding leaving empty spaces for lack of images.

If the house is furnished in a highly classic style you have to choose small and large canvases surrounded by frames in style. In the case of small canvases it is preferable to alternate vintage paintings.



You have to choose the same or very similar paintings to harmonize the different elements. In order not to make mistakes in combining small paintings, you have to choose canvases or bas-reliefs made in the same way.

There are paintings on the market that depict abstract scenes, Asian contemporary life and other classic subjects that lend themselves to this purpose.


4. Evaluate the colors

Color is fundamental to the success of a gallery of paintings. Create a homogeneous color palette or one or two predominant colors. The choice of paintings must be made according to the colors of the furnishings and the walls. If you decide to create a sober environment, it is preferable to use modern paintings in neutral colors. If instead you want to give a touch of color you have to choose bright and vivid colors.


The furniture solutions in vogue in recent times are the use of panels to be placed against the background of the walls to accommodate the sofas. When an important and large painting is chosen, it must be placed alone on the wall. In this way the characteristics are further enhanced.

The choice of the painting should be done based on the colors and style of the same, but you can make an exception to the rule for what concerns the choice of the frame. Strong classical paintings with frames in gold and silver are not suitable in environments that are furnished in modern or high tech style. In this case it is advisable to opt for paintings with modern lines and designs.


5. Paintings and more

Once the composition is planned, if you think something is missing, you can complete it by adding a different element, such as a sculpture. The important thing is to get a final result that is harmonious and pleasant to see.

It is important not to collar the panels ever on sources of heat (such as fireplaces, stoves, etc) as the thermal excursion would accelerate the aging of the painting and the frame. Also the paintings should never be hung in direct sunlight, which would cause the fading of the image.



Ultimately furnishing a home is a difficult undertaking; sometimes, in fact, a lot of energy is wasted. But if you have clear ideas about what you want to do the job is certainly easier. Among the various furnishing accessories the paintings give a touch of warmth and personality to the apartment, especially if a careful choice is made when buying. Following the useful tips of this tutorial you can have some information on how to choose paintings in furniture.

In conclusion, it can be said that the rule is to respect the style of furniture, paying attention to the colors adopted. You can also make contrasts of colors, but this last thing is more difficult for those people who do not know well the use of color and its complementary. Taste is something subjective; It is advisable to always choose the style and design of the picture you like most.