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3 ideas on how to decorate your living room

daniela morante, triptych,

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To give life to the walls of the house and a tone to a bare environment, nothing is more appropriate than a painting: whether it is ancient or contemporary, depicting a landscape, a person or an abstract subject, the important thing is to know how to insert it into furniture so that you stand out without jarring with the environment.

Creating a particular corner, a focal point in the room is not difficult, just follow the personal taste and the general style of the furniture and apply some small trick. Combine styles and colors with furnishings

Colors, materials and spaces play a fundamental role in creating the right atmosphere in a home, and if they are combined correctly, you can create environments of great style and personality.

First of all, we must take into account the style of the house: a house furnished in Victorian style, or neoclassical, will be enhanced by paintings with a classic taste, with important frames; a contemporary and minimal environment will draw light and vivacity from abstract and essential paintings.

Choose works in tune with the atmosphere of the house, combining paintings of different eras and styles with the furniture already present, and you will get a balanced and harmonious composition, that can enhance the home.

Today we will show you some ideas for your stay. In this article you will find 3 examples, in which architects and interior designers have given their best to make the most of this important space.

The situations can be among the most varied: a very large and difficult to manage space, a very small space, or simply ideas based on the style to be used.

Let's see together the various possible solutions!

arteramas, paintings for sale,  

Small paintings for sale  

daniela morante, trittico, triptych,

The choice of the paintings is - needless to say - fundamental.

So, always prefer 3-seater sofas, if you have a space available and make the most of every inch of view!

In this case, this last indication was followed to the letter: a little of paradise was also created!

This environment is very interesting from the point of view of style and color mix.

The audacity in the combinations is sometimes rewarded!

Here we have the walls of an interesting gray point, the blue living room, which stand out against the dark background, and finally the violet, complementary to yellow.

Really delicious paintings hanging on the wall!

In this case we suggest to see “Tre temi diversi” Triptych by Daniela Morante, Watercolor Paintings on Fine Tissue Paper, Dimensions: item 1= W 8,6 x H 11 in; W 22 x H  28 cm; item 2 item 1= W 8,6 x H 11 in; W 22 x H  28 cm; item 3 = W 35 X H 50 cm.

arteramas, paintings for sale,  

Medium paintings for sale  

daniela morante, abstract composition,

White and red is always a great solution!

It makes the space brighter, enhancing natural light. In addition, the environment, thanks to the white walls and furnishings, is airy, spacious, larger than it actually is and more welcoming.

We must not forget that the living room has to be first of all a welcoming space, it is the place where we relax with the family and we dedicate ourselves to friends, so it is important to choose paintings with colors that favor positive sensations.

In this case we suggest “Abstract Composition "Black & Rust-Colored” by Daniela Morante, Medium: Drawing Ink on Amalfi Handmade Paper by "Cartiera Amatruda", Dimensions: W 70 x H 50 cm.

daniela morante, abstract composition,


Large paintings for sale  

 gianluca resi, pop art, bang bang,

Regardless of the square footage available, the living room and dining room furniture must be organized in such a way as to maintain a stylistic continuity; these two environments will in fact only be ideally separated and will therefore have to harmonize each other with works full of energy.

The choice to furnish living room and dining room together perfectly matches any type of style and design: it is absolutely perfect for environments with a modern and minimalist character and at the same time manages to enhance the industrial, vintage and even rustic style.

As you have surely guessed by observing the different projects for your home, the key to perfect decorating the living room is definitely in simplicity.

In particular, the living area will be realized in the practical insertion of works of art right next to a comfortable sofa.

In this case we suggest to see “Bang Bang” by the italian artist Gianluca Resi, Medium: Acrylic Painting on Wooden Panel, Dimensions: H 90 x W 120 cm.


bang bang, gianluca resi, pop art, paintings for sale,