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3 original art paintings ideas for bedroom

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Table of contents

- Horizontal paintings for sale
- Vertical paintings for sale
- Square paintings for sale

In a bedroom, after choosing all the elements that will be part of your furniture, or the color of the walls, the bed, the wardrobe, the bedside tables, the curtains, all harmonized according to a certain style to give a touch more refined, like saying "uniqueness", you can find the best solution for you and decide to furnish the walls of your bedroom with paintings and frames to choose according to your tastes.

You know, the elements that complete a room, in this case your sleeping area, not only have to marry well with the furniture and therefore be the icing on the cake inside the room, but they must above all be to your liking, especially in this room.

Since it is the most important area of the house, the relaxation area where you can rest after a day of work and it is proven that relaxation is favored by the sight of the things that we like and that convey a sense of peace and tranquility, there we advise you to always keep in mind your personal pleasure and choose your favorite solution, not the one that you consider more comfortable or cheaper.

arteramas, logo, For many years, when choosing what to hang on the walls of the bedroom, the choice almost always fell on self-portraits, family photos or sacred images.
Today, thanks to the change in art, the increasingly marked role that is gaining in our lives and consequently in our homes, but above all thanks to its ever more evident expansion on the market there is the possibility of choosing between different types of paintings for the bedrooms, which are able to satisfy any type of target.

Let us also remember that the paintings must be positioned harmoniously on the walls and avoid the chaos effect that may arise.

Horizontal paintings for sale

Among these there are artistic horizontal paintings for sale. In this collection you can choose “Mare Mostrum” by the italian artist Daniela Morante, an original paintings for sale, china and Acrylic on Canvas, W 200 x H 100 cm.

mare mostrum, daniela morante, contemporary art, bedroom painting for sale,

We are talking about a special artwork with colors to influence man and woman in the moods, in fact, the different studies carried out on colors have fully demonstrated that every shade has a particular influence on our mood. There are colors suitable for each room, others are more suitable only for some environments so it is essential to evaluate well the function of the room on which you want to intervene.
If you are choosing the colors for the bedroom remember that, in addition to personal taste, it is necessary to consider that we are talking about the most intimate room in the house, the room in which we rest and it is important to do it in a cozy and quiet space.
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Vertical paintings for sale

Among the most suitable colors for bedroom certainly the blue, declined in every nuance. The light tones such as blue and light blue, are often used for the sleeping area as they transmit tranquility and stimulate relaxation. Blue is particularly indicated for those suffering from insomnia. The violet, chosen in the lighter shades, relaxes and stimulates meditation, so it is perfect for the bedroom.
In this case we suggest to see "Jack Nicholson as Bud", Medium: Acrylic Painting on Wooden Panel, Dimensions: H 120 x W 90 cm. 

jack nicholson, bud, original pop art painting for sale,


Square paintings for sale

Even light pink has a particular influence on our mind, ideal for fighting insomnia. The shades of pink are many, is a versatile and refined color easy to combine with many other colors. I gray, also declined in different shades, is perfect for those who prefer a classic style, especially when combined with white and black.

This combination of colors and styles gives the room a sense of stability and cleanliness. If you want to bring a breath of fresh air to your room, then choose the green. The green, color of nature, is able to spread a pleasant sense of serenity and is ideal for a relaxing and stimulating room at the same time. Do you want a "regenerating" room?

In this case we suggest to see “Greta Garbo - Gitanes” by the italian artist Gianluca Resi, Medium: Acrylic Painting on Wooden Panel, Dimensions: H 90 x W 90 cm.

The yellow, in warmer tones, is the right solution and will make the sleeping area the place to rest and recharge your energy.

greta garbo, gitanes, paintings for sale, bedroom,

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